"The music is ballad pop sort of vibe with hints of pop rock in there. The album in general is about the beauty of life and love which is very poetic and has the era of romanticism in mind. It follows the journey from having insecurities, anxiety and feeling lost and alone to eventually coming into yourself and finding love in whatever form. I reference and take inspiration from a lot of classic paintings like the ‘scream’ painting from Edvard Munch and love paintings like ‘the kiss’ by Gustav Klint" - Amé
Plong, Kemmi Kamachi
Portuguese Deep / Tech and Techno label, Deadmotion Records, contacted me to design a cover for their latest EP, PLONG - DMT52 by Kemmi Kamachi.
Luigy Paulo Silva, Madrid Radio
Luigy needed a digital flyer for his new feature on Madrideep Radio. He plays predominantly techno, but his style is influenced by a wide range of genres.
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